Manifesto for the New "Uber Economy"

Live debt free… boss free… rent free…

Shake off the weight of utilities… insurance… taxes…

Today there's a way to gain the independence, freedom (and money) to live as you please… let me explain…

Dear Reader,

If you'd like more control over the way you spend your time or earn your income… If you'd enjoy a little more freedom in your life…

…then I'd like to introduce you to a special group of people who can help.

In late 2010, one member of this group, Joel Bowman, was quite literally "minting money." He was taking advantage of cheap, subsidized power in Argentina to "mine" the Internet for money.

The computers did all the work. All Joel had to do was make sure they were plugged in.

The value of each "unit" of currency he mined eventually reached over $1,100. And Joel and his friends were legally mining them every minute… of every hour… of every day.

You don't need to be a math whizz to realize that starts adding up pretty quickly.

Oh, and by the way, guess how much tax he paid? Zero.

Because he had no job (no earnings)… and no investments (no capital gains). This was wealth the Tax Man couldn't see… and, frankly, didn't even recognize.

Yet it was as real as dollars, or euros, or pounds, or ounces of gold. (And it was readily and instantly convertible into each.)

You see, this little secret… and many others besides… form part of a new reality.

Specifically, it's part of what we call the new "Uber Economy"—a different kind of economy that we want to let you in on. The word "uber," as you may know, is used to connote an outstanding or extraordinary quality… and that's exactly what this new "Uber Economy" is all about.

But, you're not going to hear about it anywhere else…

The government won't tell you about it.

You won't get the scoop from big corporations either; they see it as competition.

As for the professors and academics at universities? Well, they still don't know much about this new reality. And what they do know, they see as a threat.


Because we know how to escape from their system. And that simple fact scares the heck out of them.

That's right. We've discovered how to escape their jobs… their taxes… their mortgages, auto loans, and credit-card debt.

In short, we are not under their thumbs. We don't ask anything from them… we don't expect anything… and we don't owe them anything either.

Sound like a good deal?

I'm here to tell you… It is!

We're part of a group who form an underground, informal network…

A network of people who want to make (or have already made) their fortunes taking advantage of opportunities this new Uber Economy has created…

… and, too, some people who just want to be left alone…

We'd like to invite you to join the "escape"… to share in the Uber Economy secrets… and in the pleasure of telling fat cat bankers, meddling Feds, and the rest of their cronies to "Drop Dead!"

Now remember, this network I'm talking about, you won't read about in the newspaper. That's because, officially, this network doesn't exist.

You won't see our "chairman" on TV—we don't have one. You don't have to pay us any taxes… stand in any lines for permits… salute our flag… or learn our song.

We are not all Americans or Asians or Republicans, rich, or poor… there are no special requirements you have to meet to qualify for membership.

In fact, you don't even need me! It's pretty easy to find your own way into this Uber Economy, once you know how it works.

The one common denominator of this group is that we're all focused on "opting out" of the debt-laden mainstream economy to create better, freer, more prosperous lives for ourselves and our families.

That's why this is not just about money. There's something more important at stake.

It's about your freedom to live your life, your way… free from debt, free from bosses, free from the chains that hold you back.

I'm not trying to sell you some new-fangled gadget or get you to sign a petition.

Or even to change your mind about anything.

I'd simply like to show you how to enter a different world… a different economy…

And a different life.

A life where you have more control. More time. More income. More freedom.

It's a lot more accessible than you probably think.

Imagine A Different—and Better—Life

Let me ask you…

Suppose you could cut your tax bill in half… or more? Suppose you didn't have to pay through the teeth for health insurance? Suppose you could eat better food… live in a better place… work when, where, and how you wanted…

and end up with more money than you have now?

If you could do that—why wouldn't you?

Well we'd like to show you how you can do it.

And we'd like to start by sending you a report—totally FREE—that tells you about just a few of the opportunities available to you. If this report—at no charge right now with the unusual offer I'm making today—doesn't open at least one important door for you… well, you can just forget I ever contacted you.

I want to be clear: These Uber Economy secrets we'd like to share with you are not ones that we've discovered on our own. We've simply pulled them together for you. They come from thousands of people like you and like me… all over the world… who are learning to live better, happier, more independent lives.

We call this report, A Manifesto for the Uber Economy.

And here are some of the things you will discover in it:

Really, that's the main point of this Manifesto. It's to make it clear…

You don't have to feel trapped. Not by debt. Not by a job. Not by the costs and constraints of everyday life.

You don't need a mortgage. You don't need expensive medical insurance. You don't need to pay a lot of taxes.

You don't need to be stuck in a dead-end place, dead-end job, or with dead-end finances for the rest of your life.

There's a way out. There's a door that has just opened up for you. I'm standing at it right now… inviting you to enter…

…to escape from the debt machine… to gain the independence, freedom (and money) to live as you please…

You see, the world has changed in a critical way—and while you occasionally see a headline that references it, nobody covers this new phenomenon in a way that shows you how to take advantage of it.

But we'll show you in A Manifesto for the Uber Economy—which is free for you today when you let me know you'd like a copy. Take a look at it. If you don't agree with me… or you don't think the new Uber Economy can help you in your life… don't worry about it.

You won't owe me anything with this special offer. And A Manifesto for the Uber Economy is yours to keep, no matter what. I'll tell you how to request yours in just a minute.

But first… there's something I want to ask you:

Why would you want to escape? What exactly would you be escaping from?

To fully understand this invitation and why we put A Manifesto for the Uber Economy together, you need some background. And I have to warn you: It's grim reading.

Right Now, You're Shackled to the "Chain Gang of Debt"

Not one person in 100 realizes it, but we are all victims of a giant conspiracy.

Now, hear me out. I'm not exaggerating here. And I'm not speaking metaphorically.

This is the literal truth.

The big banks, Wall Street, and the government have colluded to keep you in chains of debt.

A serious accusation? Yes. I know.

And the burden of proof is on me.

But if you'll give me just a few minutes of your time, I'll prove that it's true.

And I'll do more than that…

Do you remember that expression "The truth will set you free?"

Well, unlocking the truth about our financial system can set you free from debt. And give you the independence, freedom (and money) to live as you please…

I'll prove that to you here, too.

That's the upside that makes listening to this message so vital—for you and for your future.

You could ditch your mortgage… cut up your credit cards… and be your own boss… with plenty of funds to escape the "paycheck-to-paycheck" trap and leave the rat race behind…

You'd instantly gain time to spend any way you like… and you could finally do something for you. Live the way you want… where you want… and how you want.

That would be worth a few minutes of your time today, wouldn't it?

Consider A Manifesto for the Uber Economy your own Declaration of Independence… where you proclaim your own Freedom from Debt.

Imagine, for example, if the fees and interest repayments you now pay to others could instead go to you…

…toward setting up your own business… or toward buying a little piece of land for yourself… or maybe you'd just keep those funds in your pocket and retire 5, 10, or even 20 years early…

Imagine if you could earn on your own schedule—no more commute, no more office politics… and earn as much as you want, rather than the limit imposed by your pay schedule?

And that money you'd make would be yours to keep…

I'm not just talking about monthly cash flow… or about having money to meet your debt payments… I'm talking about real money, of your own, to hold, to invest in your future and in your family's future.

Imagine if you had time to do something you've always wanted to do…

… time for hobbies… travel… relaxing… family… the things that really matter to you.

Maybe that means perfecting your golf swing… or raising your own chickens… or mastering a second language in time for your next vacation…

Now I realize all this may sound like so much "pie in the sky"… but stick with me…

Because there's a pie all right. But it's not in the sky. It's right here in front of us.

To take it, though… we need a straightforward explanation about why the system works the way it does…

Because once you understand how it really works, you can make your escape and live better, with more time and money for yourself.

You see, there is a revolution of sorts happening right now.

People are realizing how they've been victimized by "the system." And they're learning to just say "no."

They're applying the very same secrets we'd like to share with you in A Manifesto for the Uber Economy to free themselves from what I call the "chain gang of debt."

And as they free themselves, they're creating a new system. It's like a whole new country, really, only it's largely hidden from view. It's almost as if it exists in a parallel universe, because it's not dependent on the borders drawn on any map.

So you may not see it… but it's there. And it reaches around the globe.

Right now—already—this Uber Economy is changing lives for the better all over the planet. And when you're part of this new system… when you live in this Uber Economy, you, too, can learn how to use its secrets… learn to mine the real-life experiences of people all over the planet… to begin living the kind of life you deserve…

… the kind of life you might never have thought you could have.

As I said earlier, people like Joel Bowman, along with many others, are citizens of this "new country," of this Uber Economy. They live in it. They work in it. They earn their money in it… and spend much of their money in it, too. We've been gathering their stories, gleaning their secrets, so that we can help you to learn how to live as they do.

This Uber Economy is creating opportunities everywhere… and minting a new class of super-wealthy, independent people by the thousands. There's no reason you can't be among them.

It's helping to liberate ordinary folks just like you… drawing you a map out of the system you live in today… that system, which makes it so hard to get ahead and so hard to stay out of debt, that most people don't even try.

How the "Regular" System Turns You into a Debt Slave

Here's what I mean—just one small example…

Let's say you go to the dealer to buy a car. But the dealer shows you how it is so much easer to buy the car on credit. So, you sign up. You tell your friends that you have "bought a new car."

But the average new car is now financed on a 67-month payment plan—with the interest heavily loaded onto the first months. In terms of the total cost of the car—at 5% financing—you've only bought about 1/77th of the thing. By the time you get finished paying it off… it's time to buy another one.

It means, you practically never own a car. You just rent one from the lender. And you pay many times as much for transportation as you would have if you just bought the car outright.

Good deal? I don't think so. There's a better way.

Let's look at how it works.

Don't worry, I'm not going to drag you into economic mumbo-jumbo. I'm going to give it to you straight.

The money in our society comes from the banks. They create it out of nothing. No kidding. When you borrow it—say, to buy a house—it comes into existence for the first time.

Neat trick, huh? And most of the time, it seems to work fine. The banks create money. They lend it to you. You pay it back. Everybody's happy.

But it's even better than that—at least, from the banks' point of view. They get money for almost nothing. They lend it to you to buy a house or a car. You "share" ownership.

You can see how strange this is. You have to earn your money by hard work. Your "partner," the bank, gets its money for nothing. And who owns most of the house? The bank. And if you fail to make your payments, the bank forecloses.

As long as the economy was functioning properly, "the system" seemed to work. People earned more and more money. They didn't worry about how much the banks earned. And the more the people earned, the less they needed to borrow. But then, something went wrong.

Economists argue about what exactly happened, but there is no doubt about the effect. In the mid-'70s, ordinary people stopped earning more money. The typical man of working age today earns less real money than he did in 1975. And the typical family has less real income than it had in 1999.

So, if people wanted to keep their same standards of living, they had little choice. They had to work longer and harder… or borrow more. Most people did both.

And the Feds helped, by making it cheaper and easier to continue borrowing.

But it was a trap.

Gradually, U.S. families became dependent on debt. If they wanted to go to school, they needed student debt. If they wanted to buy a car, they needed auto debt. If they wanted to own their own house, they needed mortgage debt.

The U.S. central bank—the Fed—pushed rates down to their lowest rates in history—effectively zero. Wall Street lent more and more money… and made its highest profits in history.

But consumers became dependent on debt. And then, the whole economy became dependent on debt. And now… everything depends on debt…

More debt is…

…the only way Wall Street can make more money.

…and the only way households can increase spending or even maintain their standards of living.

…and the only way businesses can sell more products and services.

…and the only way the economy can grow.

…and the only way politicians get re-elected.

There is no other way. In order for "the system" to work, YOU have to go further into debt.

In order for Wall Street, the Feds, and Corporate America to profit, in other words… you must be a debt slave.

You work harder and longer… and you go deeper into debt.

So how can you buy your freedom?

Usually and normally, you do it by saving money.

But right now, you are strongly discouraged from saving your money to buy your freedom. You see, you can save all you want… but you will earn almost nothing on your savings. And actually, the strength of your savings will gradually be eaten away by inflation.

So you might as well borrow instead!

If that's all right with you, fine. You should stop listening right now, because what I have to say here probably isn't for you…

The Solution—Your Escape—Is Closer than You May Think

But if you'd like to join those who have escaped this "chain gang of debt," we can help.

We know thousands of others who have done it. We know it can be done. And we know it can be fun… exhilarating… and profitable too.

Unlocking the hidden opportunities of the Uber Economy means taking a step toward real financial freedom for yourself… and the kind of security that comes with being truly independent.

Most people will never find the secret or gather up the courage to grab that independence. They'll simply put up with the life they've got.

But you don't have to.

Because inside A Manifesto for the Uber Economy, you'll discover…

Plus, we'll also show you…

Inside you'll find the whole story—and get the insider how-to secrets you need to turn this Uber Economy to your advantage…

Ditch Your Mortgage, Pay No Rent

For example, in A Manifesto for the Uber Economy we've included a special focus on how, practically speaking, you can live well without paying rent or a mortgage.

Why do most people have to spend more than a quarter (26%) of their income on a place to live—while there are BETTER alternatives that cost nothing?

That's right. Nothing. (Or so little it's almost nothing…)

I know it sounds crazy. It sounds like it shouldn't exist. It shouldn't be possible. But it is.

Pay no rent. Pay no mortgage. And in many cases, pay no utilities either.

Here's a little taste of what we'll show you…

One guy we know built a unique house, 25 years ago. It's a real beauty. Everyone who visits is intrigued and delighted.

The house costs him, effectively, nothing.

While he was building it, he lived in a barn nearby (with small children!) and merely applied his rent savings to the new house. And get this, since he moved in, his unique design has meant that he has spent zero on heat… and almost nothing on electricity.

You can do the math yourself. For 25 years he has had a comfortable house that cost him nothing. All he had to do was to pay himself "rent" of $1,000 a month and he would have accumulated, with interest, about half a million dollars—and still have the house.

Of course, that's just one person taking advantage of this Uber Economy. Our network includes thousands of people. And they all have their stories, their experiences, and their secrets.

Our mission is to put this life-changing information in your hands.

If you're willing to give me 10 minutes here, you can see for yourself whether I'm talking sense or nonsense.

It's important. Because you can only beat "the system," if you understand "the system." You can only escape the chain gang of debt once you understand how it works… and how it takes advantage of you.

Never Pay Another Bank Fee

Take banking, for example. It's part of almost everyone's life, whether we like it or not. And it's a costly part, to put it politely.

Now, to be sure, we all need a safe, secure place to store our wealth… to make regular transactions and to save for rainy days.

But does it have to cost an arm and a leg? Must we be roped into taking exorbitant loans to facilitate the life we want… and must we pad the bonuses of executives for the privilege of using their "services?"

That's certainly what we've been led to believe. And, as a result, the Fat Cats at the top of the chain get richer… while everybody else pays their way with umpteen layers of "hidden charges" and fees for goodness-knows-what.

Last year, the average CEO compensation at the nation's largest publicly traded companies was a staggering 373 times higher than for their employees.

Go back just one generation—to 1980—and that figure was a "mere" 40 times larger.

The trend is clear: Wall Street gets richer… while Main Street is left to foot the bill.

But it turns out, it doesn't have to be that way at all. Far from it.

You see, the Uber Economy provides you all the tools you need to ditch the whole fees-and-charges game for good.

For instance, you can open an account in the Uber Economy's banking system right now, in under five minutes.

What I'm saying is: An alternative already exists.

It's not complicated. It's not difficult to understand. And most importantly, it's not only for the "privileged few."

The Uber Economy's banking system is already being used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world to conduct private and commercial transactions.

And you don't have to pay any of the fees and charges you're used to, which means you keep more of what you earn.

In A Manifesto for the Uber Economy we show you exactly how to take advantage of this alternative.

What If Your Utility Company Paid You?

Another big fib that's been peddled for far too long is the idea that you must pay ridiculous amounts for the most basic utilities. I'm talking gas, electric, water…

In a word: False.

The system you know today is set up to maximize the flow of funds from your pocket to a protected racket. Your local utility provider is a monopoly, with all the poor service and high prices that come with a competition-free landscape.

We've been led to believe that paying these coddled insiders was the only means by which to secure basic utilities for our home. And until recently, until the emergence of this Uber Economy—it was.

But now there is a way—perfectly legal and very easy to set up—that can have your utility provider send you checks… instead of bills.

You can flip the tables… and you can do so easily, with just a few basic moves.

Again, that's money you can put toward your own investments… money that lands in your pocket and can go toward funding what it is you want out of life.

In dozens and dozens of ways, this Uber Economy is facilitating new and exciting opportunities for anybody who cares to look for them.

Access Uber Economy Freedoms at Any Age, from Anywhere

Take Dave, for example—another member of the special group we've been talking about. Today he's applied the same kinds of secrets we share in A Manifesto for the Uber Economy to his own life and he's enjoying the freedom and flexibility to call his own shots in pretty much every way.

But for more than fifteen years, it wasn't like that. Dave slogged it out at the office fifty, sixty… even seventy hours a week. His work (for a large multinational) often took him away from his family for days or even weeks at a time.

One day, though, he'd finally had enough. So after some careful research into the Uber Economy, he decided to cut the cord and wave goodbye to his corporate desk for good.

"To me, flexibility was the main thing. Being able to walk my kids to school… and to be there when they got home… that was just too important to miss."

Now, thanks to the Uber Economy, Dave earns on his own schedule from home (typically a few hours in the morning) and still has plenty of time to run errands or lunch with friends before meeting the children at school in the afternoon.

And now, instead of leaving his kids to attend business conferences and work junkets, they travel with him to places they want to go as a family.

Last year they took three international vacations… and Dave didn't have to ask a boss for permission to go.

Even if you're retired or close to it, you too can enjoy much greater freedom and comfort.

You can benefit from the Uber Economy no matter how old you are, where you live, or what your background is.

Like Brooke. At 67, he tapped into the Uber Economy, and he can now add $10,000 in extra, independent income to his annual Social Security benefits.

When you learn how to leverage the opportunities available, you open yourself up to a whole new set of possibilities…

Things are Changing Fast

Consider for a second that, today…

To say the world economy is changing would be a drastic understatement.

And yet, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

My point is: This amounts to nothing short of a global economic revolution.

Entire industries are being displaced… made obsolete… given the ol' "horse-and-buggy" treatment.

That means billions of dollars are being lost… and billions more made. And it's happening right under our noses.

It's all part of this new Uber Economy I've been talking about. Thanks to the dynamics of this new system, the rigid, top-down economic structures that have been in place for centuries are being shaken to their core.

And that's good news for you.

Because the Uber Economy is not only for a select few, privileged people.

It's open to everybody. And in A Manifesto for the Uber Economy, we'll show you how you can take advantage of the opportunities this new system is creating.

So you can begin to gain the independence and freedom you need to live the way you want… where you want… and how you want.

Independence Isn't Just about Money…

Consider, for instance, the notion of education. This new Uber Economy is changing it—for the better.

In the education system we all know, debt is the name of the game. Just like with that car-buying scenario I talked about earlier…

If you want a university education, you typically take on student loans… sometimes to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And you're chained to that debt for years… often decades.

And what do you do to pay off those loans… to unhook yourself from that "chain gang of debt?"

Well, you in turn lash yourself to a job… to a daily grind…

But you don't have to. Today in the new Uber Economy, there's excellent education to be had outside that system altogether.

All of a sudden, you have more (and arguably better) options than you've ever had before.

Not only ways to gain an education that don't require decades of debt… but options for learning that are independent, "outside the box."

I'm talking about learning you can take advantage of well into your golden years, too… no debt required.

Because the Uber Economy offers a wealth of uncommon wisdom and experience that most people never think to look for.

In A Manifesto for the Uber Economy, we'll show you how to…

Achieving intellectual independence is something hardly anybody ever considers… because, until now, it was considered a luxury, available only to people "of leisure."

With their nose to the grindstone, most people don't have the time even to sit back and consider life's little questions… much less the big ones.

But thanks to the Uber Economy, that's all changed.

You have tools and resources worth tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars at your fingertips.

It's simply a matter of knowing how to access them.

My point is: new opportunity… independence… and freedom… it's all yours for the taking.

In A Manifesto for the Uber Economy we'll walk you through exactly how you can make it yours.

Your Timing is Right

Never before in history have we seen a development so perfectly set up to serve the individual: You.

Never before has it been easier to capitalize on earning opportunities, improve your lifestyle, and claim the kind of freedom you need to live the way you choose.

It won't be this easy forever. But right now, the timing is right.

And I'd like to invite you to join this "network" of like-minded folks in the "escape"… in a journey to a better, more independent life…

As I said before, we are not all Americans or Asians or Republicans, rich, or poor… there are no special requirements you have to meet to qualify for membership.

What this group has in common is that we all want to "opt out" of the debt-laden mainstream and create better, freer, more prosperous lives for ourselves and our families.

If that sounds good to you, too, then I think you'll like the solutions we've included in A Manifesto for the Uber Economy. And I'd like to send you a complimentary copy today. All I ask in return is that you take a look at a unique resource we've created called Independence Monthly.

Unlocking the hidden opportunities of the Uber Economy means taking a step toward real financial freedom… and the kind of self-directed life that comes with being truly independent.

Most people will never find the secret to doing that. They'll simply put up with the life they've got.

But you don't have to. In A Manifesto for the Uber Economy and in Independence Monthly each month, we show you the path to a life where you gain the freedom to live life on your own terms. Inside you'll discover practical tools and useful ideas to help you leverage the great potential that's out there today.

Ordinarily, Independence Monthly costs $59. And A Manifesto for the Uber Economy isn't available to the general public at any price…

But when you request a copy today, I'll send it to you by email immediately—FREE—and put your name on the membership list for Independence Monthly for just $39, which entitles you to full year's membership and 12 monthly emailed issues.

This Special Offer is Guaranteed

Just take a look. If at any time you decide Independence Monthly isn't for you after all, that's just fine.

Let me know and I'll send you your money back on all un-mailed issues. A Manifesto for the Uber Economy is yours to keep at no charge—no matter what.

And when you take me up on this special deal today… there's something else I'd like to share with you too…

Never Pay Another Bank Fee Again

You might remember that I mentioned earlier a way to save thousands of dollars a year by avoiding outrageous bank charges and hidden fees…

During the first quarter of 2015, the nation's largest three banks alone collected (wait for it…) over $1.1 billion in overdraft fees and "related service charges."

How much did they sting you for?

Well, now there's a way you can avoid these fees and charges… and we've put together a special White Paper that shows you exactly how.

It's called, Banking Smarter: The Uber Economy's Low-Cost, Big-Reward Answer to Outrageous Fees and Charges.

Inside, you'll learn how to:

And that's just for starters.

When you take me up on this special offer today to receive A Manifesto for the Uber Economy, free, I'll also send you Banking Smarter: The Uber Economy's Low-Cost, Big-Reward Answer to Outrageous Fees and Charges at no charge. My gift to you.

And both of these valuable resources are yours to keep at no charge… whether you decide Independence is right for you… or not.


** Fast-Reply Bonus **
A Third Special Resource When You Act within 24 Hours

When you click below today to take advantage of this special deal—within the next 24 hours—I'll send you something else as well… also at no charge.

It's called The No-Mortgage Secret to Owning in America. And like the other two reports I'd like to give you, this one is not available anyplace else.

As I've said here already: Most people slog through life attached to a chain gang of debt. And one of the biggest reasons is because of their mortgage. The bank owns more of most people's homes than they do.

But think about the freedom you could gain if you didn't have a mortgage to pay each month.

What if you could use those funds in some other way? Imagine what you might do with the extra money you'd have in your hands…

Well, what if I told you there is a way you could own your own slice of America—free?

That's right. Free.

(There IS one caveat: You have to be 21 or older.)

What I'm talking about is an Uber Economy secret most people will never hear about. It's akin to getting your own "land grant." No kidding.

I'm talking about a little-known way to get a pristine slice of America—at no charge. No mortgage. No down payment. No repayments.

It's just like I've been saying all along here: The Uber Economy is throwing up all kinds of interesting opportunities nobody else is talking about.

But I'm ready to pull back the curtain.

We're on a mission to show you a smart path through this new world, to a life where you gain the freedom to live as you like, on your own terms.

Take advantage of this unusual offer right now and I'll immediately send you by email, all three special resources, not available any other way—

All of those can be yours today—free.

And they're yours to keep—my gift to you—no matter what.

The world around you is changing… fast. The emergence of the Uber Economy may well be the most exciting development of your lifetime.

The opportunities… the potential… the chance to live the life you want is now, for perhaps the first time ever, directly within your reach.

And the tools you need to unlock that opportunity are yours to claim, today.

Don't delay. Click below now to begin living the life you deserve now.


Tom Kerr

Tom Kerr
Editor, Truth & Plenty

Yes! I'm Ready to Unlock the Hidden Opportunities of the Uber Economy TODAY!

P.S. We've been closely studying the impact and opportunities of the Uber Economy. We have unearthed countless cases of how it transformed literally thousands of lives for the better.

Good folks who were trapped in the 9-5 rat race… who dreamed of something better… who dared to imagine that true freedom could exist in their lifetime…

They've been able to tap the potential of the Uber Economy to change their lives forever.

And you can do the same. we'd like to show you how.

As I said earlier, we'd like to introduce you to what is, really, an underground, informal network. A network of people who have escaped "the system," escaped jobs, taxes, mortgages, auto loans, credit-card debt…

They're no longer under the thumbs of the bankers, the Feds, and their cronies. They've used the Uber Economy to take control of their own lives, to embrace the sort of freedom and independence that means they can live the way they want to live.

In A Manifesto for the Uber Economy we show you how you can do the same. Request your copy here today, and join us in discovering your own, better life.

Click below now to take advantage of this special offer.

If you don't… someone else surely will.

Yes! I'm Ready to Unlock the Hidden Opportunities of the Uber Economy TODAY!